Van Derhoof Testimonials

Van Derhoof Physical Therapy prides itself with the fact that the majority of their clients are referrals from professionals and from former and current clients.

I’ve had several good physical therapists, but Alexandra Van Derhoof Thomas is the best! I have worked with her for 5+ years, and she is the reason that I am still ambulatory today. She is smart, energetic and compassionate. She has set up effective therapeutic exercise programs for me, but she does not rest on her laurels. She is always updating and improving my regimen so that I get the best results. I and all of her clients are so lucky to be working with her. I am so grateful."

~ Linda Kessler, MD

I have been referring to Ali Thomas for over 12 years. I, and my care managers, are consistently pleased and impressed with her work with our clients. She has a caring and yet firm way of motivating clients to improve their physical capacity to stay as mobile and healthy as possible. She is able to determine what (if any) assistive devices or home modifications will help clients retain their independent function as long as they are able. Our company reputation rests on the quality of the referrals we make. I have complete confidence when I make a referral to Ali. I have hired her to help with members of my own family."

~ Jackie Lapidus, Psy.D.,
Executive Director of Care Management Associates

In 2010 and 2011 I underwent operations to replace a knee, remove the knee, and eventually replace it again. The rehab was very hard. Fortunately, a friend recommended that we try Ali Thomas and Inger Schafer of VanDerhoof Rehabilitation Therapy. They worked with me diligently for a year. Each session was a teaching moment. They were tough when it was necessary (and with me, it was) and compassionate when that was called for. I looked forward to their visits and I credit whatever progress I have made to them. I cannot emphasize too much the difference between a run-of-the-mill therapist and a truly great therapist. I have had plenty of the former. Ali is devoted to her profession and has great expertise. When we rearranged our schedule and Inger began coming one day a week, I was concerned that the experience would not be the same. I was wrong. Inger didn't miss a beat. They are both great. They saw me through crutches, a cane, limping along and everything in-between. The fact is, nothing I say can express my true appreciation."

~ Bob Ungar

After having serious ankle surgery I heard wonderful things about Ali in my search for a home physical therapist. Ali made me feel like we were a team and we worked together towards my rehabilitation. As a busy attorney, working from home was crucial. Ali was able to visit around my schedule, making this possible. After successful completion of the rehabilitation of my ankle, I continue to work with Ali for physical conditioning which has made me confident enough to schedule a trip with my husband and friends to hike Machu Picchu in Peru next month."

~ Jane Kanter

Ali was recommended to us to evaluate our Father’s care and safety needs. She far exceeded our expectations. Her vast knowledge of various care techniques and protocols was very instructive for us and Dad’s caregivers. Even more importantly, her excellent listening and communication skills allowed her to establish a trust relationship with family members and caregivers, gain a thorough understanding of our needs and challenges, and build a consensus around the best care plan for us. Issues that had stressed us for months were discussed and resolved in a matter of hours in a way that everyone could embrace. We highly recommend Ali and her services."

~ Chris Saah